"Brotherly Love"
16" x 22" on Bristol Board Paper
Original Pencil Drawing ~  $4800 plus s/h
Previously shown at the America's Horse in Art Museum Show

"Made in Texas"
12" x 16" Oil on Canvas
Original Painting ~  $1200 plus s/h
My story as an artist has evolved over the course of my life, until it has developed into my passion.

Since a small child, I've loved discovering the history and the stories that defined the West. Looking back on my
childhood, there were three events that formed the basis for my fascination in the history of our young nation.

I was fortunate to grow up in a small valley tucked along the Central Coast of California. The little gem of a town
I was raised in, the Santa Ynez Valley, was steeped with a wealth of ranching and cowboy traditions. It ignited a passion
for appreciating the different breeds of horses, as well as the horsemanship traditions developed by the Spaniards and
the early California settlers.

My curiosity for understanding the culture of Native Americans which documented the changes of a Native American
losing his culture, finding a path in an uncertain existence,and cultivating
his existence in a new environment.

Within that same year, I discovered a love for steam trains, the romance of travelling unexplored lands via rail, and
the impact the Transcontinental Railroad had on settling and taming the Wild West.

These three events shaped the country we call home. They are all deeply connected and intertwined. They all left an
indelible mark on our country, but it is a mark that defines the West and makes for vivid tales and romance that has
fueled many young minds along the way.

It certainly has formed the foundation that has enveloped my creativity and inspired me to understand and appreciate
the complex events that formed our young nation. The artifacts, animals and history incorporated into each piece of
artwork help to cultivate my passion.

My goal is not to redefine history, or glamorize it into something it is not, but to draw upon the events that shaped our
nation and share the history, igniting an appreciation for the people and the events that defined the West.