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"Shapa'naknuwit "
(Keepsake in Nez Perce)
12" x 16" Oil on Canvas

The Nez Perce were the largest tribe Lewis and Clark met between the Missouri River and the Pacific Coast. They ranged
across today's central Idaho, southeastern Washington State, and northeastern Oregon, from the western base of the
Rockies to the falls of the Columbia River. They were highly skilled in fishing , as well as hunting for deer and elk.
"Strength, Pride and Honor"
22" x 28" on Bristol Board Paper
Original Pencil Drawing ~  $5500 plus s/h
"Summer Visitor"
11" x 14"  
Oil on Canvas
"War Bridle "
11" x 14" Oil on Canvas
"The Look of Love"
16" x 20"  Oil on  Canvas
"The Look of Love"
16" x 22" on Bristol Board Paper
Original Pencil Drawing
"The Look of Love "

become so tangible  they are almost inseparable. I first took this photo of these two horses while walking the
perimeters of the neighboring horse ranches. Over the course of  three years, these two could always be seen
together. And I thought to myself, "if this isn't the look of love..."

I completed the graphite drawing, and after picking up oil paints, I was drawn to complete this in Oil.
This is probably one of my favorites - and I love the results in both Graphite - as well as Oil.
"Out of the Dark"
8" x 10" Oil on Canvas