Geri Dunn
Defining the West

Sometimes, the hardest challenges are the most rewarding. Working with graphite
pencils, the absolute hardest subject to draw is a black animal. Knowing the owner
of little Frost made it a lot easier to capture the spirit of this cute little thing.
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Things to consider when thinking about getting a commission done:
  • Do I have an absolute favorite picture of my animal?
  • Is the lighting from the picture good? (not too bright and not too dark)
  • What size do I want and how do I want it to hang (as a portrait or as a
  • Where will you want to hang it once it has been completed?

After determining what you want, you'll also need to gather a few more photos for
references. Sometimes something isn't quite as clear in one picture as it might be in
the other pictures you provide.

        Allow 3-4 weeks for completion of your drawing.
     These things take time and it isn't an instant process.